About Us

Renowned across Europe as being Germany’s best supplier of electrical products, Terra now comes to the UK, bringing with it quality design, flawless functionality, and stunning style. Twin Tiger is proud to present an incredible range of Terra products at the very best price.

As early as 1995 40 TERRA partner companies offered a service throughout Germany. Since then the partner network has been continuously extended and today consists of more than 600 TERRA service partners. However, a maximisation of the number of partners was never an objective. On the contrary – qualification requirements were raised significantly over the last few years in order to prevent inflationary numbers of partners and to be able to guarantee the quality of TERRA services.

There has been a considerable investment in the decentralised storage of parts for servers, which enables coverage by the TERRA server service with reaction times of 4 hours in German and Switzerland. The high numbers of TERRA server systems sold allows for secure availability of up to 5 years, while keeping costs relatively low for individual customers. TERRA 24 hour service is also available in Austria, the Benelux countries, France and Spain.