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Cybersecurity Threats Computer Owners Should Be Aware Of At Twintiger

Cybersecurity Threats All Computer Owners Should Be Aware Of

Here at Twintiger it is important to us that your great quality computers run as well as possible, whether that’s your desktop all in one computer, your tablet, or your laptop. That’s why we’ve collated some important threats to be aware of whilst using your great new Terra equipment.  Thanks to Kerbury Business Centre, we can introduce you to the top cybersecurity threats.


The Biggest Threats To Your Cybersecurity


This is a form of malicious software that attempts to encrypt your data and then extort a
ransom to release an unlock code. Most ransomware is delivered via malicious emails. They will attempt to blackmail you to receive a financial pay off.


Phishing attempts often come in the form of emails or texts posing as an organisation you trust, such as your bank or Paypal. They attempt to convince you to hand over your login details. Once they have acquired this they will take whatever they please. Check out Kerbury’s blog on how to spot phishing attempts.


Traditionally hackers have attempted to gain access to bank account information or credit card databases. However, intellectual property is another source of value. The use of social engineering, tricking staff into revealing user names and passwords, remains a threat. Protect yourself using network firewalls, data access security, and user awareness and training. You can find out more about training courses here.

A data leak

The widespread use of tablets and mobile phones means that there can often be accidental and unintentional leakage of data. They can also be easy targets for data thieves, especially if they have no password and portable USBs are often utilised. Educating your team can go a long way to help secure your cybersecurity.


Stay aware of how to keep safe whilst using your Terra laptop, desktop or tablet, and if you have any questions, make sure you get in touch here

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