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Terra Mobile 360-15 Stands Out As Student Friendly Convertible Notebook Laptop

Wortmann presents “Classroom out of the box”. Wortmann spokesman Andreas Barkowski says that “while other manufacturers present standard devices, our 2in1 tablets are designed specifically with students in mind.”

The Terra Mobile 360-15 fully convertible touch notebook, with Full HD Multitouch Display and rotating screen, is equipped for all conditions inside and outside school. Barkowski continues to list the student friendly features of the Terra tablets, which include “shock resistance and splash-proof protection.”

“Many teachers were surprised that we are thinking so much about the classroom of the future and everything is so coordinated” Barkowski concluded.

Among the other great features of the Terra Mobile 360-15 is the 15.6″ Full HD Multi-Touch Display, 240GB Harddisk with Intel® Core™ i5-6200U Processor

As one of the cheapest laptop mobiles on the market, the Terra Mobile 360-15 convertible touch notebook is the ideal device for students searching for a product that can be used for stay at home essay writing and conveniently portable notebook for classroom work, combined in one device.